21 March 2013

Springing Up

Lots of our on-site projects are nearing completion now.

Close to the office in Matlock, The Horseshoe apartments have been completed externally revealing the cut stone elevation to Matlock Green. Internally the apartments are being fitted out ready to sell. The rest of the Horseshoe Mews, including conversion of the original pub and outbuildings, are also almost complete.

Horseshoe Mews, Matlock Green elevation
Off Dale Road in Matlock, the penthouse of the Olde English development is now being clad in copper, completing the external envelope:

The Olde English, Matlock
The copper detailing includes a secret gutter at the base of the penthouse walls hidden behind the stone capping, so no gutters are visible from ground level.

Sketch secret gutter detail and on-site construction at The Olde English, Matlock

The new house in Fritchley is due for completion within the next month. Internally the woodburing stove and kitchen are installed. Externally the garden retaining walls that bury the lower ground floor entrance into the landscape are being constructed.

Construction of external retaining wall for new house in Fritchley
In Derby, the extension to St Joesphs Church is taking shape. This internal photograph shows the main community hall, with exposed brickwork to the two side walls looking back towards the large front picture window.

Church hall interior in construction
Also in Derby, the classroom block for Littleover School is up to first floor level. This view of the Common Room at ground floor level shows the perforated steel beams and concrete floor construction that will remain exposed when complete.

Common Room at Littleover School in construction
And finally, the first of several farm building restorations on the Haddon Estate is also now complete. The traditional restoration works, carried out by local craftsmen to our management plan, has brought this previously derelict building back into use on the Estate.

Barn restoration - February 2011 and after completion of restoration work in February 2013